Free One-to-One Study Skills Sessions

So how do these even work?

KIS Academics believes that paying for an initial lesson with a tutor you've never met is absolutely crazy! And surprisingly, that's what most tutoring places or private tutors will ask you to do. We think you deserve to meet your tutor and make sure they're the right fit for you - free of charge.

Just imagine going to one of our competitors and being asked to pay over $80 just to meet your tutor!!

What if they're an absolute bore and they put you to sleep in the first lesson.

What if they start chewing on a pencil and it just annoys you to death.

What if they live right next to an airport and you can't hear a single word they say!

And then, what if after all of that, you were charged $80!!!! And don't get me started on those pesky lock in contracts...

With KIS Academics, private tutoring is a little bit different. Your first study skills assessment with your tutor is free.

No credit card details required, no lock in contract, no obligation to continue if you're not satisfied.

It's as easy as pie 🥧

But what actually happens during a study skills consultation?

Let's break it down:

The study skills assessment is the perfect opportunity to get to know your KIS Academics tutor. It's a 30 minute session focused entirely on what we can do to help you supercharge your studies. Both parents and students are welcome to attend!

Our expert tutors will focus on three things during the study skills assessment:

  1. Past performance - How has the student performed in previous years and what areas need improvement
  2. Present motivation - Why are they looking for a tutor right now and what help can KIS offer them? What is the student's current learning style?
  3. Future dreams - What goals would the student like to set with the tutor, and what would they ultimately like to strive towards.

Our tutors will then use all of this information to create an individualised plan for the year, so you know exactly what to expect from your tutoring lessons.

The best way to see what goes on during one of these is to go to one yourself! It's super easy to book in so trust us when we say, you'll have your mind blown by our amazing tutors in no time at all!

Book a free 30 minute study skills consultation here and we'll see you soon!

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